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Vidya Ratna

Skill Development within „SADRAG”  

Noida, Indien


SADRAG - Social and Development Research and Action Group. Even though in India school attendance is compulsory, by far not all children go to school. In general, public schools have to be classified as qualitatively inferior and disorganized, not least because both the level of education and salaries for the teaching staff are kept low. Especially the extraordinarily talented children have no opportunity to develop their skills here.

Against this background, the programme "Vidya Ratna" enables a fixed number of 16 extraordinarily talented children between 6 and 15 years to go through a special education programme which specifically trains their skills. The children (16 at the most) are chosen by the staff of the aid project SADRAG which has been supported by for several years and works with more than 200 children. The cooperation with SADRAG can be considered as exemplary. has taken up this project in 2013 and has agreed to a guaranteed five-year support.  

Responsible: Adrian Plattner