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We founded the association in March 2005. It aims to provide financial and other funds in order to support private organisations (NGOs) in India, to which we have personal contact.

In 2010 incorporated the association within the context of a successor arrangement, because
pursued the same goals and ideologies in India. The merger of these two companies extended the knowledge of substantially.

The association is independent, politically and denominationally neutral and not profit oriented. All its members work in a voluntary capacity and thus unpaid.

We examine the organisations of our partners as well as their projects.

We pass on 100% of the received donations to our partners.

We check the use of the funds locally.

We inform the donors about the success of the promoted measures.

We publish all financial data - also our own.

Recognized aid organisation, tax exemption has been registered as a non-profit aid organisation and is tax-exempt: Donations to from private individuals and companies can be deducted in the tax declaration as "volunteer donation"!

All received donations go without any deductions to the supported projects in India. The association members bear any administration expenses and travelling costs privately.



The price differential between the developing countries and our own European standards is so extreme that it actually becomes hurtful and encourages one to act: We want to plant a seed and effect a small but long-term improvement. We aim to give help to self-help by supporting local Indian organisations. By means of regular visits to India, we want to share everyday life with these people in order to understand their problems even better and help them by applying our experience and knowledge.


We want to effect a long-term and sustainable help. With YOUR and our direct financial support and our active help locally, diverse aims (small and medium-scale) can be realised. Our support stipulates the cooperation and personal contribution of those we help.


Control and Sustainability?

Our help is meant to be direct support. We want to fund trustworthy local organisations and realise direct and measurable aims with individuals. We will remain in contact with them and carry out monitoring (as far as possible). Moreover, the supported projects provide us with regular progress reports, status reports and state-certified accounts. We support our projects actively.

Why India of all Countries?

We grant you, there are many poor countries in this world. But the poverty in India affected us particularly on our travels. The cultural attractiveness of this country and its people encourages us to act personally.


What are the Dangers and Problems?

The dignity and honour of the supported people must remain protected. Cautious and deliberate handling of the donations is fundamental. Envy and malevolence may be provoked easily in disregarded people, like friends or neighbours. Thus, neutral and independent persons with the necessary distance and overview of the prevailing problems can act as mediators.

There can be no full guarantee that the donations are being used purposefully. We have to rely on consulting third parties, our knowledge of human nature and our experience. By periodic personal contacts and further travels to India we strengthen the mutual trust with our contacts and the persons responsible for the project.