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Dominic Rau


I was born in Bern but grew up in various parts of the German speaking areas of Switzerland. Next to some short interruptions I have been living in Zurich since 1994, where I studied physics and received my PhD. Since 2004 I have been working for Swiss Re as risk manager.


Sabine and I were in 1999 for the first time in India. Before and after we traveled in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Mali, Morocco, Vietnam, Japan and Peru. However, India has never lost its grip on us and we have visited many times since. Five years ago we started to learn Bharata Natyam, a popular classical Indian dance. Indian contemporary culture - in film, mythology and philosophy - has since been part of our everyday life. 


Most of my free time I spend hiking in the mountains, with Bharata Natyam, cooking and photography.